About Emily

My name is Emily Ma and I am all about sustainable living. 

What’s sustainable living? It’s going about your most kick-ass day without desperately needing coffee (or wine). It’s having the energy and control to be resilient when bad news hits. And, it’s knowing that you left the world in a better place when you tuck in for the night. 

When I hit my third year of working in corporate America, I realized was tired, frustrated, and aggravated. I felt like I couldn’t take “it” anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job! I just didn’t feel motivated.

To relieve the doubt and hurt, I started spending money I didn’t have, eating out, and neglecting my health. I was trying to chase the fast fix to happiness. The instant gratification was, well, instant- leaving me with a greater void of emptiness. Luckily, one of my binges was on yoga!

Through diving deeper into yoga, I realized that I was not putting myself first. Self-care had fallen in the way side and the fast fixes left me in a deep financial hole. To pick myself back up again, I needed to make sure that I was making intentional small changes to impact my health, financial wellbeing, and the planet.   

Thus, Sustainable Practice was born.  Come along for the ride as I share my approach to yoga, budgeting, and eco-friendly living. Let’s learn from each other.

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