Budgeting for Yoga Teacher Training: Reality Check


I'm currently saving up for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and it's not cheap! Between my shopping habits, eating out, and random spending, saving $3,000 will not only be difficult but also a first for me. 

For the last two years I've dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher. However, every time training is announced, I use my shotgun finances as an excuse, "I don't have the money to follow this dream, maybe some other time." 

As each graduating class passed me by, I felt deep jealousy in the pit of my stomach.  I wrote off their success to a couple different stories like they are putting themselves through debt or they have their shit together. Even worse, would tear myself down thinking, "I would be a  horrible teacher anyway." 

Have you ever done this? It's so easy to make excuses when we don't understand the details of someone else's life. It's even harder to look at ourself truthfully to know that our own spending habits are keeping us back. 

Wake up. It's time for a reality check. 

I never saved for it. If I really want to become a yoga teacher, I need to hunker down and save. Lack of money is just an excuse. I'm putting my foot down and committing myself to saving the full $3,000. No credit card. Just cold hard cash in the bank. 

What dreams have you set aside because of money? What are you willing to trade in for your dream?


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