Small Tweaks: Coffee

Enjoying Coffee at Horizon Line.

Enjoying Coffee at Horizon Line.

Like many of you, I start every morning with a cup of coffee. I love the smell, the feeling of holding a warm mug up to my face, and the people I share this ritual with. However, when I don't make time to savor coffee moments, I end up going over budget by grabbing a coffee to go and tossing away another paper cup!

Our morning coffee ritual is an easy place to make small tweaks for big impacts.

Make coffee at home: 

Making coffee at home saves bank. If you are currently spending $5 a day 5 times a week. You are spending about $1270 in a year. Yikes!

Instead, use a french press to make your morning cup of Joe. Not only is it less costly in comparison to a coffee machine,  it's eco-friendly. You don't need any filters, pods, or electricity.   

Tip: Making coffee at home takes time. Set aside time for yourself to enjoy the process. 

Always bring your cup:

Let's be honest, there will be times we want to splurge. Currently, I am on a mission to find the best Dirty Chai Latte (Chai Latte with a shot of espresso) in Des Moines. So far, St.Kilda is the one to beat. I never leave home without my gear- my reusable coffee cup. You should too. 

According to Carry Your Cup, "Americans throw away 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups every year, and 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles every hour." Let's put a stop to this. 

Some cafes provide a 10 cent discount if you bring your own cup. It may seem negligible, but think of it this way. In a course of a year, bringing your own cup will save you more than you earn in interest through your bank account. 

In the market for a cup? Trash is for Tossers has a sexy black reusable cup calling your name.

Shop Local:

For extra bonus points, purchase your beans and brewed coffee from a local cafe. For those of you living in Des Moines, here are a few suggestions:

1. Mars Cafe: This is where I purchase my coffee beans. I love Cat and Cloud coffee- the brand speaks to my affiliation to Santa Cruz and love for cats! Also, I love their Sputnik coffee and monthly specials. 

2. Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure: They never disappoint. I love the vibe of the cafe as well as their huge bean selection. 

3. St. Kilda: If you are looking to grab a pastry with your coffee, this Australian inspired coffee stop is the jam.

Thank you for reading!