To Give an Ass

A couple days ago, my best friends asked why I had not been attending yoga classes. I started going down this long windy explanation of how I didn't have time, had other things to do... and then I stopped myself. The true reason was because I didn't believe I could give my full 100%. 

I have an image of myself standing in a perfect warrior two. When I don't feel like I can give enough effort to meet the image, I decide that it's better to skip than to "underperform." 

She laughed at my response and quickly replied, "It's better to give half of even a tiny bit of your ass than not give any ass at all." 

Mind blown. 

Why had I not thought that way before? Yoga instructors remind us to meet ourselves where we are today. I had assumed that meant to strive for the most perfect version of each pose rather than striving for the best on any given day. 

Somedays, I'll meet myself at the powerful full-blown warrior two. Other day's, I'll acknowledge that giving it my all is making it to my mat. At the end of the day, I am always happier after practice.


YogaEmily MaComment