Budgeting for YTT: Steps toward the Goal

I'm currently saving up for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and it's not cheap! Between my shopping habits, eating out, and random spending, saving $3,000 will not only be difficult but also a first for me. 

I've said "no" to excuses (read more here) and created a savings plan to achieve my goal. 

Breaking it down into steps:

Step 1- Small Achievable Goals

Back in November, I broke down how much I needed to save each month. Then broke down what I need to save each week. For the month of December, I am saving $100 each week. 

Tip: Reward yourself every time you reach your goal! I haven't figured out how to reward myself in a non-money-spending way. How do you reward yourself? Please share with me in the comment section.

Step 2- Analyze Spending Habits

Once I drafted plan, I mustered up courage and analyzed my spending habits. In the last month, my partner and I spent over $300 eating out. Ouch. There will be items (like eating out) that needs to be scaled back or traded in to meet my goals. 

Most people use the words "sacrifice" or "give up" when budgeting for a goal. Personally, I prefer using "trading in." This way, I don't feel like I am losing something. Rather, I am trading it for something that I prefer. 

Step 3- Follow the plan and be kind

Be kind. Be kind. Be kind. Following the budget is hard and uncomfortable.

My habits are far from where I want them to be. Instead of judging myself for making a "bad" purchase, I'm taking a step back to ask myself, "Is this really me?" and letting it go. 

What dreams have you set aside because of money? What are you willing to trade in for your dream?