Setting Intentions: "Treat Yo' Self"


This week, I set the intention to treat myself. I've learned what the phrase really means to me. And no. I don't think it's buying another latte.

Day 1. Monday. I decided to treat myself to a chocolate brioche and coffee at work. YUM! Monday's are hard and I sure as hell thought I deserved it. 

Day 2. Tuesday. Another brioche. Why not? I've decided to skip yoga because I worked hard on Monday. 

Day 3-5. A couple of brioches and coffees later. I realized that I was just making a habit of buying what I wanted, when I wanted without thinking about my budget. I was also using " treating myself" to skip out on yoga class. 

Through the week, I wasn't following the budget I had set. I was so stressed and disappointed with myself that I started crying.   

I've realized that spoiling myself with treats doesn't actually make me feel better. I was doing this to suppress feelings of loneliness when my friends were busy and feelings of embarrassment for the mistakes I've made at work. I've also covered up laziness with the excuse that I needed to let myself rest. 

When we treat ourself, what is often missing is RESPECT. 

I believe that "treating yo' self" is respecting the way you want to change and living up to the challenge that you have set for yourself. No more of that self-coddling, media- imposed, buy the next best item short-term bull. Treat yourself to the "you" that you strive to be. 

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