Does your Budget Reflect You?

I thought budgeting would get easier with age. Now that I've turned 26, budgeting is still a nightmare and I'm the same place financially as 22 year old me. I have mountains of student debt, growing credit card balances, little savings, and a budgeting plan that I restart every few months. I have the best intentions, so why is budgeting so hard?

After 3 years of trial and error, I've realized that I haven't been acknowledging my habits. I go on shopping sprees to buy my way to happiness. I enjoy a cup of Mars Coffee when the weather is nice and not-so-nice. Basically daily. I also lack self-control in the chocolate section of the grocery store. Can I get an amen?

I have a choice. I can either acknowledge my habits and budget for it; or, create a game-plan to change. 

My budgets have totally ignored the way I behave, leading me to failure. Budget for who you are today. If you want to change, make targeted decisions to do so.  

Nothing beats the freshness of homemade tacos. 

Nothing beats the freshness of homemade tacos. 

For example, my partner and I noticed that we enjoy eating out because we cook the same three things every week: spagetti, curry, and fried rice. We were craving diversity. Instead of eating out, we are meal planning our cravings. This week, we have purchased ingredients to make tacos at home for a cheaper price. This empowers us to cook different meals to flex our chef muscles and save money. 

What are some your spending habits? Would you like to change them? If so, dig deeper and ask yourself why you behave the way you do. The solution is within yourself. 



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