I See You Hustlin’: Now what about your body?

When doing a chaturanga, hug your elbows close to your side body.

When doing a chaturanga, hug your elbows close to your side body.

How many of us do one too many chaturangas in class just to feel pain and discomfort in the shoulders after? We often believe that we’re lazy unless we are pushing ourselves to the max. We believe that we’re not enough. The society we live in promotes bigger, better, faster- overall just MORE. In participating in this rat race, we ignore warning signs from our body- signs that we might be getting sick, hurting our muscles and bones, or creating burnout.

During the first half of 2018, I ignored all the signs.


I was a hustler. I worked two jobs, took a 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training, and kept up with my perfectionist standard of living. I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I wasn’t giving myself a moment to breathe. During this time I caught every single sickness that passed through the office. I started to feel the burnout and questioned the point of everything. I wasn’t finding personal fulfillment or joy with this lifestyle. Sure, I was achieving a lot quickly, but at a steep cost to myself.

So how do we become more mindful of our personal capacity?

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is often the first things to go. We get to sleep later, wake up earlier, or burn both sides of the candle to get shit done. Getting the 7-8 hours of sleep is important for our brain functionality and the health of our body. Most of us already understand the importance of sleep, the difficulty is making it important in our daily lives. Prioritize sleep by setting hard, non-negotiable times and plan your day around it. If you are someone who struggles with falling asleep, create a sleep ritual.

Sleep Ritual Tip: Keep your sleep times and wake-up times as consistent as possible, even through the weekends.

Carve Time Instead of Adding On

Anytime we consider taking on something new, we need to evaluate our time and effort. Sometimes saying “yes” to something new means saying “no” to something you have going on. Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G” mentions in his book, “You Are A Dream,” that we need to spend at least two hours a day on the thing we want to excel at. For example, if I want to excel at yoga, I need to be doing something yoga related for at least two hours a day. If I get asked out to go to a work happy hour, I would probably say “no” because I know that I’ve carved of time for yoga and saying “yes” would mean that I’d have to give that up. However, if I haven’t seen my friends in a long time, I’d happily exchange yoga for friend time.

Carve off time for what aligns with your personal value system.

Create a Self-Care Ritual

What do you need to keep yourself healthy? Self-Care rituals are personal. For me, I need to take a full on bath-bomb bath around Wednesday or Thursday of every week, spend a lot of time on skin care, and read. These activities might not “achieve” anything, but they set you up for success through your day and week. They can pump you up, like cardio workouts, or wind you down, like journaling.

You can’t pour from an empty cup! Self-Care often gets left out of our daily activities because it does take time and seems self-indulgent. Taking time for yourself is just as important as the time you give to anything else. You need to fill your own cup to be able to share with others.

How are you going to be more mindful about your capacity? Anything I missed? Please share in comments.

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